The delicacy of glass and technological innovation go hand in hand in this project that emerged in 2013 by the hands of Ricardo Ferreira.

The know-how of previous generations, in the glass industry for more than 40 years, and the desire to present a unique product, converged in the creation of Illusion Magic MirrorTV, commonly known as mirror television.

In order to expand our offer, we also have other glass solutions, which include on/off glass, decorative mirrors, shower screens, glass protections and metal and glass partitions.

In 2020, we became part of the Casa Ferreira Group, establishing, since then, a solid partnership, being linked to the brands Novibelo, Eichholtz, Iluscos, among others.

We already have a vast portfolio of national and international projects that seek to distinguish us by the quality of our raw materials, the vast experience of our team and the uniqueness in the development of our products.

Together with our partners, we are able to solve all the needs of the most diverse projects.