Use in shops and inside fitting rooms as a marketing and sales tool.

Possibility to visualise and highlight a new product, and even request a new size or even add a product through Touch, RFID or QrCode solutions, always with the greatest convenience and safety.

Developed with a presence detector, information appears on the mirror without the need for a command or touch.

With just a Wi-Fi connection, Smart Mirror provides information such as news, calendar, weather, among others.

Customisable content, adaptable to your daily life. More than a mirror, a Smart Mirror that gives you information!

TOTEM has an innovative design developed in order to bring modernity and differentiation to the establishment or environment in which it is inserted. Ideal for a dynamic and digital communication in spaces such as shopping centres, receptions, events and as digital signage.


Possibility of personalisation, with integration of communication and interactivity systems, such as touch systems, RFID, barcode or QRCode readers, webcam and much more.

Other Applications




Digital Signage

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