Illusion represents the epitome of elegance combined with technology.

It is an excellent way to install a multimedia unit in residential environments and easy to install.

It can be applied on the wall with a decorative frame, on a floor stand, or integrated into the wall or furniture.


A decorative piece that will make a difference. Built into the wall, applied as a frame, integrated into the furniture in the bedroom, or applied to a sliding door in the dressing room.


A stand out piece that can be applied in the shower area or on the mirror, produced and prepared in such a way that it works fully, even in high humidity conditions.


The kitchen is the perfect place for Illusion, allowing it to be applied on the kitchen panel, incorporated into the cabinets, or even on the kitchen counter.


Introduces a new dimension to your TV experience.

Watch news , series or your favourite movie in a more innovative way. Consider the potential of the stylish mix of the living room TV combined with a custom design piece. It can be embedded in the wall, applied as a frame, or even integrated into the furniture.

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Digital Signage


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