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In Hotels, Illusion offers an unforgettable first impression to any guest, not only for the image and sound quality, but mainly for the surprise effect it reveals.

From suites to standard rooms, Illusion offers differentiating experiences to guests and a set of personalized services in the room through LG Electronics’ hospitality solutions with the Pro: Centric Smart system.

With LG’s innovative technology, you can provide intuitive information to welcome your guests, while adding a surprise factor and increasing your guest satisfaction and convenience.

The hospitality industry is changing rapidly and has become more competitive with emerging technology and higher guest expectations. In line with decor trends and LG Electronics’ technology, we continue to innovate our products and solutions dedicated to hospitality to drive your hotel’s success, enabling you to provide a modern and differentiating level of service.


From the reception to the room, from the lift to the spa, from the meeting rooms to the gym, this is the ideal solution for those seeking discretion, innovation and elegance.

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