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GLASSINNOVATION, a reference company in the field of glass allied to technology.

Passion that led us to perfection

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GLASSINNOVATION, a reference company in the area of glass allied to technology.Since 2013, the year it was founded, with the aim of implementing differentiating and innovative solutions in the market, it has been standing out, not only for its great responsiveness in terms of design, production and assembly of glass solutions, but also for its exceptional creativity and rigor.Spread all over the country, and with several international projects, its products stand out for the high quality of the raw materials and finishings used, for the experience and know-how of its human resources, allied to the most recent technologies. Its quick response capacity is also an added value.Our main product is called Illusion Magic MirrorTV, better known as mirror television.

Having extensive experience in the field of glassmaking, the glass called IllusionGlass is a glass that stands out for its invisible effect when switched off and an above-average image transmission when switched on.

The know-how of several generations of family in the glass field and the goal of becoming the leading company in its sector. Glassinnovation has a strong partnership with LG Electronics, which allows us to combine the latest technology with the vast knowledge and art of glass working.

We complete our market with other glass solutions, such as decorative mirrors, mirrored glass. glass for construction, among others

In 2020, Glassinnovation, takes a big step by integrating the group Casa Ferreira, which already has 50 years of experience, joining the brands Novibelo, Eichholtz, Iluscos, Nova Ferreira, among others. The company’s main goal is the total satisfaction of its clients, being, therefore, always ready to embrace new challenges, distinguishing itself by the quality and design, as well as by the totally customized production.

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Development and support

Thanks to our design and architecture department, we can advise, present and develop the best solutions according to your demands.


Transport and installation

We have a specialised and certified team, able to respond to all requests for placement and installation of glass. Deliveries throughout the country and internationally.


Technical support and warranties

Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority. The after sales service allows us to provide all the necessary technical support in an efficient and professional manner. All our products are guaranteed for a minimum of two years.

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